Evolution Of Hip-Hop Music

Evolution Of Hip-Hop Music

Hip-hop music has always been associated with 20th century music. It is one of the major music styles of the modern age and added another unique musical style to the music world. Hip hop became so popular that many youths started recording hip-hop music which considerably created the multi-million dollar industry in itself. But what are the origins of hip hop and how it developed through the years?

A brief history of hip hop

The hip hop style of music started during the late 60s and has continued up to this day. The hip hop phenomenon started in the Bronx, in the ghettos of New York City. Here hip hop music style came to life, which then was only a past time music created by African-American musicians integrated African rhythm to contemporary music, which resulted in what is now called hip hop. Clive Campbell, a Jamaican musician, noticed this style when he arrived in New York and quickly incorporated it to his style of music. He was the first to introduce hip hop to mainstream society; thus, he is often called the father of hip hop.

Development of hip hop through cultural changes in society

Hip hop quickly became the youth’s music and have dramatically changed popular music themes that appeal to younger generations. As this type of music became famous, more and more people record R&B songs because of its enormous appeal. Hip hop artists quickly became celebrities, finally placing hip hop as one of the major musical styles on Earth.

Through the years, hip hop evolves from just being a sub-type of the rhythm and blues genre, to becoming a unique musical style with the addition of rap. This almost free-style form of music came into its own in the mid 80s and continued on. Eventually, rapping merged with the hip hop genre that, in the end, hip hop is equally associated with rapping. With the addition of rap and placing emphasis on its rhythm, hip hop became the fast paced music that invigorates the youth of today. Many people visit recording studios just because it is so much fun.

Music has always been a part of human existence and will continue to be a major part in human culture. From ancient times, music has been the major method of sharing information from one generation to another. Today, music has somewhat become a major avenue for recreation and is today a billion dollar industry.

Millions of people visit recording studios because of its major musical impact in modern human society. From the early creation of hip hop as an offshoot of disco, this music genre has evolved considerably into a unique style of its own. Its upbeat tempo, charged raps, catchy musicality and an impressive roster of musical hip hop artists; it is understandable how such music is so popular for many people, both young and old today.

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